I took this photo in Missoula. I was riding my bike and noticed the long shadows from the trees and signs and also this child with his mother riding a trike. I took this image before the digital boom! I was using black and white infra red film with a red filter. I knew the image would be very dramatic with the long shadows, a shiny trike and just the general feeling of childhood or nostalgia in our own lives. The tough thing about this particular film was that it needed to be loaded in the camera in complete darkness. In other words just by feel. Also if the film got hot it destroys the whole roll of film. When I used this film on trips, I would put the extra film and camera in a cooler to prevent a complete loss.

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  1. by Chris Aune

    Hey Tyler…great photos!! Hope all is well….it’s been years. Hope the family is doing well.

    Chris Aune

    • by Tyler

      we are great thanks for asking.. Adam and i have a timber framing and custom home thing going here. I am also doing the photography thing. Our web site is pfiffner design build .. how are u?

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