Swans, Ninepipes, Montana

I took this photo at Nine Pipes (Flathead Valley, Montana) this spring in early morning light. Swans seem to be  incredibly intimate creatures, and this image and moment captures that essence for me. They are very colorful and seemed to show a great deal of affection toward one another. The light was mirror-like on the water and the blur on the edge of the image is intended to draw the viewers eye to the center of the image and real subject matter.

About the author

My original inspiration for landscape and wildlife photography began in northwestern Wisconsin, where I was raised observing the hilly farm and lake country landscapes. I was drawn to the Rocky Mountains and Montana in the mid 90s, when I relocated to Missoula to pursue photography. I have been fascinated with the land and with photographic opportunity since. I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2003 and 2004 and since graduating, have enjoyed incorporating photography into my every day life. I spend virtually all of my spare time outdoors, where the natural world continues to be a source of creative inspiration for me.

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