Swan Mates
This photo of two Trumpeter swan mates gazing at each other was taken at Nine Pipe Bird Refuge, in the Mission Valley, Montana.  I had gone up to the refuge to get some shots of the birds.  I had been watching several swan mates and these two caught my eye, with their unique coloring.
The light was just defused enough to capture the color. You can really see the expression of swans and how they seem to be so fond of one another. They continued to swim around, watching each other, and communicating through movement and sound. The swoop of their long necks, their unique communication and the sheer size of the birds is fascinating!

About the author

My original inspiration for landscape and wildlife photography began in northwestern Wisconsin, where I was raised observing the hilly farm and lake country landscapes. I was drawn to the Rocky Mountains and Montana in the mid 90s, when I relocated to Missoula to pursue photography. I have been fascinated with the land and with photographic opportunity since. I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2003 and 2004 and since graduating, have enjoyed incorporating photography into my every day life. I spend virtually all of my spare time outdoors, where the natural world continues to be a source of creative inspiration for me.

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