Early Morning Spider Web
This photo was taken in near Gatlinburg, TN, where I was taking a class with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Spring Time in the Smokeys.  Our class planned to be out early to see what we would see. I often separated from the group and found my own subjects. I thought the spider webs in the dew would make a good photograph, but I wanted to find something extra to make the photograph pop! This was before digital, so I had to set up the shot just right.  The exposure was a second and a half so the horse had to cooperate.. Also the wind had to calm down to get the detail of the spider web in the foreground, which was kinda tricky.  This subject captured my attention because it was perfect for the moment. A calm wet morning with a spider web covered in dew with a horse eating silently in the back drop!

About the author

My original inspiration for landscape and wildlife photography began in northwestern Wisconsin, where I was raised observing the hilly farm and lake country landscapes. I was drawn to the Rocky Mountains and Montana in the mid 90s, when I relocated to Missoula to pursue photography. I have been fascinated with the land and with photographic opportunity since. I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2003 and 2004 and since graduating, have enjoyed incorporating photography into my every day life. I spend virtually all of my spare time outdoors, where the natural world continues to be a source of creative inspiration for me.

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