Blue Bay on Flathead Lake, Montana

I took this photo at Flathead Lake on Blue Bay, with an old Canon AE with Fuji Velvia 50 speed film. This lake can look totally different on a daily basis, but the spring and fall are the most interesting and dynamic to me.  The cloud cover and the weather can change at the drop of a hat and in this instance, the coloring changed from bright blue to a blue-pine-gray as i watched, in about a 15 minute period. The sky became defused creating incredible contrast in every color. The grey in the clouds came out at the last second turning it into a great image!

About the author

My original inspiration for landscape and wildlife photography began in northwestern Wisconsin, where I was raised observing the hilly farm and lake country landscapes. I was drawn to the Rocky Mountains and Montana in the mid 90s, when I relocated to Missoula to pursue photography. I have been fascinated with the land and with photographic opportunity since. I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2003 and 2004 and since graduating, have enjoyed incorporating photography into my every day life. I spend virtually all of my spare time outdoors, where the natural world continues to be a source of creative inspiration for me.

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